Our People

At Guaranty Trust Bank, we understand that building a world-class institution is only possible when we have the right people. It is for this reason that everything we do is defined by our people. From building systems to pioneering innovative products that enable us achieve the ultimate customer experience, our people are at the center of everything we do.

As a global brand with presence in various markets across Africa and the UK, we serve customers from every walk of life, every background and every origin. Our people reflect the dynamism of the communities we serve, driven by strong shared values and a common vision to be the leading customer-centric global bank. Our people make the Bank what it is today: a vibrant organization renowned for innovation, excellence and superior financial performance.

Guaranty Trust Bank is not just a financial institution. Its an institution which bestows upon its staff virtues of professionalism and confidence. It creates an educative and enabling environment right from the point of entry. My experience here has made me more confident to engage my peers and senior colleagues.


Commercial Banking Group

Working at Guaranty Trust Bank has exceeded my expectation. The support I get from my colleagues, Line managers and everyone around me is exceptional. I look forward to learning more and adding value in every way I possibly can. Guaranty Trust Bank has definitely made me a better person, and for this, I am grateful.


Telecoms, Industrial Banking

I have been opportuned to work with the people who handle work with utmost professionalism. I have learnt invaluable lessons from working with well-grounded colleagues.


Legal Group

I started my working career with Guaranty Trust Bank, and I have not held a single regret on my decision. Guaranty Trust Bank gives you the opportunity to challenge youself on every level. I have definitely become a better person.


Energy Group

Guaranty Trust Bank is the one institution that constantly sets the pace in the financial services industry and count it a great privilege to work with the best minds. Asides the wealth of experience I have gained on the job, I have also imbibed values from the Orange Rules which have positively impacted my career and personal life.


Technology Division

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the few financial institutions that promote and create avenues fo academic and personal growth. WIth a very professional working environment, Guaranty Trust Bank takes pride in its integrity and uploas its core values. The environment is very friendly and empowers staff.


Agent Banking Group

Even though I have a background in Law, my job function provides an exciting opportunity to interact with prospective and existing customers.

This is one reason why choosing my career with GTBank cannot be a regret because despite my educational background, I was able to fit into my assigned unit.

Working with GTBank makes you a leader at heart and you cannot go wrong choosing your career with Guaranty Trust Bank plc. Wouldn't you rather work with us?


Corporate Banking Group